What metal detector to buy

What metal detector to buy?

What metal detector to buy? Seems like a simple question, but actually has an answer hardly given correctly, especially for a beginner, new to this hobby. What makes questions possible buyer of a metal detector? To buy a metal detector from a company abroad? To buy over the internet or to go directly to the store for tests? But how to test this detector?

Does the detector that I have chosen is performing, is stable in operation, has a detection in depth as smooth as the one presented in the offer that I saw her? Has correct discrimination? It is difficult to use this model of metal detector?
The original or a copy Is Chinese? Or there is no difference?
Can I buy the same money a better detector?
The company producing it's better detectors? We heard something about Fisher Metal Detectors, Garret, MineLab Detectors, Tesoro Metal Detectors, Whites Or there are others?
I buy a cheap metal detector or one very expensive? What helps me if it is more expensive? What disadvantages have if it's cheaper?
On what operating principles, it would be better to buy that metal detector?
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Certainty and the establishment of a place of a buried treasure is the use of a metal detector. From this experience of the gymnasium for over 20 years the most important thing is a high-performance metal detector in depth information about treasures as credible excluding archaeological sites, these having a particular legislative scheme.

In general all the detectors using principle of VLF products firms Garrett, White's,  Fisher, Tesoro, Minelab, etc. have been courses on the detection of coins on the beach and buried treasures at little depth and scope of discrimination (i.e. separation of gold or silver coins, other metals) of 20-30 cm. Detection of a treasure, exp. a batch of 70 currency equivalent of a kg. buried in a clay pot, a ulcica buried at a depth of 70 cm. is a problem.

Performance in depth of VLF detectors and detectors of all depends on the size, quantity and vessel in which are buried treasures. Towards a lot of exp. 2 (two) kilograms. buried at 1.5 meters deep into a clay pot cannot be detected with any detector in the world market.

Treasures of medium size from 1 kg. 3 kg. buried at depth of 60 cm., 2-1. can be detected relative with type two box detectors TF900 and TM 800.

The best detectors for such treasures as well as buried treasure in large quantities to 1.5 m. are those that use pulse induction principle.

On this page you will find information that will help you choose the right metal detector for the purpose that you follow. The operating principles are given, recommendations for various types of detectors and a table with information gathered from the detection of those who possess various types of detectors.

metal detectors are what electronic devices are designed to detect metal objects and flag in their radius of action. Nowadays are used in fields as diverse as:

Security for the discovery of mines and unexploded projectiles as well as for personal control in order to detect weapons or metal objects.

Industry are designed to detect the presence of metal various locations. In construction, for example to detect possible pipelines that need to keep account when making an excavation. It can also be used to detect the presence of accidental metal on a conveyor belt.

Archaeology-a metal detector is a very great utility in this area. He greatly help in the discovery of much lighter metal object in various locations.

Hobby metal detectors are used in most of the enthusiasts who keep hidden treasures, captions, etc. These people are characterized by a great spirit of adventure. They regard this as a hobby and at the global level to create a true community organized clubs and associations.
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What metal detector to buy
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