how to make a gold detector at home

how to make a gold detector at home

How to make a metal detector in the House? It should be a bit familiar with electronics and physics to read 7th grade middle school. It will be a useful experience to work with a number of tools and materials at hand. It is necessary to explore and test a number of electronic circuits in order to choose the one that will actually work. The materials that will be needed when working:

small generator (old cassette);
Quartz resonator;
film capacitors and resistors;
vinyl or wooden ring for search coil;
plastic, wooden or bamboo-stick holder;
aluminum foil; Wire
for your winding coil;
piezoelectric transducers; Metal box
-screen; Headphones
to receive the audio signal from the instrument;
two identical transformation coils;
2 batteries "Crone";
perseverance and patience.

operating principle of metal detectors?

Any metal detectors operate on the basis of known school curriculum "eddy currents". We won't go into the details of the experiments. The approach of the bobbin and metallic object is a change in the frequency of the oscillator, as reported by the device beep. If you hear a beep in the headset and then under the ground is something metallic.

Gold detectors with geophysical magnetometer

Most new types of metal detectors include, actually two: a geophysical magnetometer and a classic metal detector. For climatologists with experience is invaluable for treasure hunters has become indispensable. The device "scans" the soil between two electrodes, by inducing a magnetic signal from the centimeter inch.

Each type of material, metallic or not, "reply" to this unique vibration signal that appliance we discern and expose them to the screen. It can be set to signal only the gold or silver, but finds out equally well canvas underground water or oil deposits.

The device comprises a double set of sensors, a transmitter and a receiver at the same time. Information obtained, even if they are not indicated on the screen, can be recorded and processed at home, on your computer, with a specialized software.

Only with a lot of practice you can achieve the best performance and efficiency of your metal detector, thus increasing the likelihood of finding good targets. I'm back to places that I detected as soon as I bought the equipment and found that the experience made double the number of findings and the depth that I found, even in places that had already detected. First advice is to read the manual, he said it would be the best way to balance sheet, positions and metal detector settings.
how to make a gold detector at home
Use the detector is not that hard, especially if you are starting with a basic equipment, waiting the arrival of my first detector, read and re-read the manual countless times, I learned every detail on theory and after I put the theory into practice.

Adjust the detector on your arm, the arm can be folded and not the body shall bow by sweeping the ground, the detector has to be part of you. Otherwise after hours of hunting you will be in pain in the back and arms. The metal Detector has to be your friend, be a part of your body.

A balance or correct scanning is essential, she has to be as close to the ground without touching it, and always in horizontal, swing the coil from side to side in parallel with the Earth. During the swing hold the coil the more parallel to the ground, just so you avoid the loss of deep targets detection. The most common error is to lift or tilt the spool at the end of each swing, be careful.

Some detectors to have a good performance need to be about 2 cm of the soil, check the manual of your equipment to get the most out of the metal detector. Not always slide the coil on the ground means that the equipment will get deeper.

The speed of the swing depends on each equipment and its technology, some detectors need a swing slow others fast, in most equipment the balance sheet must be real slow, like you're waltzing with his metal detector. To confirm please read the manual.

Not all those who are wondering how to make a metal detector from home, consider the fact that the Earth is electrical conductors. However, this may influence the powerful search performance. Metal "AKA", in which the creators of calculated mathematically and minimized the effect of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, the entire process flow of the waves. In addition, the signal reflected from the object is supplied to the monitor. The device presents a way by which we can establish that for a piece of iron located beneath a layer of soil.
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