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In the era of capitalist society and the development of private ownership of virtually every modern woman before no time posed a problem cleaning gold jewelry. instability in any house you can find articles of precious metal, the remaining inherited or donated. Nothing can serve indefinitely.
All about cleaning your gold at home liquid ammonia

All about cleaning your gold at home liquid ammonia

In the era of capitalist society and the development of private ownership of virtually every modern woman before no time posed a problem cleaning gold jewelry. instability in any house you can find articles of precious metal, the remaining inherited or donated. Nothing can serve indefinitely, and many of the decorations over time loses its appearance and attractiveness.

Preserve original appearance many decorations helps cleaning the gold jewelry at home, conducted independently liquid ammonia.

More often than not, few people think about the harm caused by decorations because of their improper cleaning. You can return the color, but permanently damage protection metal gems. So now the very relevant question: how to clean and not corrupt gold liquid ammonia.

Leaving polluted gold?

Why the once beautiful shining product becomes Dim and polluted? The whole point of impurities, which are used to create jewelry.

The decoration of this material can be damaged, just squeezed in the hand. That’s why gold add different ligatures-metals, which becomes stronger alloy and slightly changes colour. Ligature passes rafting portion of their properties and jewelers are able to make a wonderful, design, intricate embellishments, striking look of abundance of sensitive elements.

Depending on the type of gold, add different metals. To obtain the yellow gold, it is enough to add silver and copper. White Gold makes manganese, nickel, Palladium or Platinum. The latter is the most expensive option. Red Gold attached to copper. The more the content of copper in the alloy, the brighter the color. The composition includes Green Gold Silver or rubidium. Unusual black gold you can get, covering the surface of the rhodium or ruteniem or oxygenating alloy of gold, cobalt and chromium.

It is these additives and chemical contact with the environment Wednesday, changing the appearance of jewels. In addition to the chemical threat, there is a danger of oxidation, contamination of the product. Gold covered with sweat and skin fat, slowly losing its original splendid views and glitter.

Using home cleaning method you need to prepare for unexpected results. If the product is expensive as memory, it is better to rely on specialists.

Any cleanser is designed for rafting, never on the rocks, so absolutely harmless for the gold tool might adversely affect precious and semiprecious stones.

Many owners of jewelry does not represent their true composition. White gold can include both Platinum and nickel. Externally two alloy virtually indistinguishable for someone who has no professional skills. Platinum is much more resistant nickel, which can damage the aggressive cleaning agents.

Any beautiful products is difficult to clean the place. Clearing houses will not be able to completely rid some parts from dirt. If it is essential to return the jewels to the original layout, it is best to consult a professional who can fix all the defects that were introduced over time, exploitation of decorations.

Getting to clean up jewellery House, the owner is completely responsible for the consequences of any read recipes. That is, assumes full responsibility for possible damage of possibly important and expensive things.

Any ways, providing ottiranie dirt from the product using a stiff brush or powder, inevitably bear damage jewels. Original look is back, but not for long. These methods help to get rid of the outer layer of dirt and simultaneously erase with decorating the top layer of the alloy, which protects the product from damage and corrosion.

Recipes for cleaning jewelry

Many people prefer to clean gold at home exclusively to ammonia. Here is a small list of other ways.

One common means of purifying gold-a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent or liquid soap. To one glass of water, add one teaspoon of detergent then boil decorations in this solution a few minutes and wipe dry with a soft cloth. A negative consequence of this method can serve as a chemical reaction between the components of the precious alloy and detergent chemicals.

For the second method requires three components: ammonia, washing powder and water. One glass of water you need one teaspoon of liquid ammonia and one tablespoon of detergent. Useful glass vessel and soft fabric.

In glasswares poured maximum hot water and put the remaining ingredients means. Mix thoroughly stirred to dissolve the powder. Gold jewelry are immersed for a couple of hours. After that, need to get gold, rinse in running water and dry with a soft cloth.

The third recipe involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, liquid ammonia, liquid soap and water. This method allows the best possible way to clean gold only ammonia and peroxide, not using a third-party. In a glass of water would require about 30 milliliters hydrogen peroxide 3% consistency, one teaspoon of liquid ammonia and half a teaspoon of liquid soap. The water should be warm, glass-ware, ceramic or plastic. Jewelry left in solution at 5-10 minutes after which accrue and rinsed with clean water.

The fourth option is different the paucity of components: only water and salt. Jewelry can be cleaned the same way using the least solution by simply adding sugar instead of salt.

The result will be identical.

In a glass of water is extracted a few tablespoons of salt. In the salt solution put decorations. There they will spend the night. In the morning you can rinse the jewelry clean water and rub with a soft cloth.

For the fifth solution, except water, soda and foil is needed.
Cleaning takes again all night: in a glass of water one and a half teaspoons of baking soda and a piece of foil. The latter is laid out on the bottom of the tank and poured together with the prepared solution. After the decorations stayed up all night, so they need to be rinsed and dried.

Return to the chemically aggressive: soda mixed with water and detergent. In a glass or metal container placed fabric, it is decoration. Then it is filled with a solution consisting of a glass of boiled water, spoon soda and a half tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Capacity is placed on a small fire. The solution should boil for about half an hour. Once the water has cooled, decorate washed tap water and dried with a soft cloth.

As it is not worth to clean jewelry?

Some common methods of cleaning can severely damage the gold. The easiest way is to use cleaning powder decoration and a toothbrush is able to remove the top layer of metal. In addition to the many scratches, you can get no protected metal which can enter into chemical reaction with air, then water, and everything that surrounds the average person.

Why is it so? Some types of gold need a protective layer, which increases the strength, protects against corrosion, improves the appearance of metal and protects the person from allergic reactions. For example, white gold. High quality alloy, which includes Platinum, can afford not everyone. A cheaper option includes white gold nickel, which can cause irritation on the skin.

Due to allergenic properties of nickel, its use is prohibited in many countries. Outwardly these two alloy difficult to discern. To avoid unnecessary “victims” from nickel, rhodium plated cover products. It improves the color and protects human skin from unpleasant exposure to nickel. Removing this protective layer of aggressive cleaning agents, man himself puts yourself in danger.

Many decorations are precious stones. Contrary to all beliefs, they are very fragile and in need of protection even more than gold. Totally harmless composition for cleaning gold can bring irreparable harm to jewel. Shoe ornaments made of gold the same ammonia can damage stones.

Socks rules jewelry

For that would be less likely to get frustrated because of the lost luster of jewelry and not often think about how clean your favorite gold soft cloth and liquid ammonia, it is necessary to observe some rules socks of precious metal.

It cannot be assumed that would be the precious metals alloy acted sulphur compounds contained in cardboard boxes.

Sports ornament-the latter a necessity, so they should be removed before a workout.

In the steam bath or the sauna often changes temperature Wednesday. If the skin of the human body and such changes positively, unfortunately, the beautiful articles of precious metal is negative.

Acidic Wednesday could affect the disastrous appearance of decorations. So not worth the risk and use washing machines and detergents, solvents, many cosmetic products if there is gold on the body. On it is detrimental influence of alkali, acid, chlorine, mercury, sulfur and solvents.

Not only aggressive Wednesday could cause harm to gold, but what benefits the skin: various creams, lotions, tonics, ointments. If wearing jewelry just for the issuance, such problems will not arise.

Observing the above rules, how to properly wear the decorations don’t have to once again scour the family gold ammonia, keeping it intact for a very long time and without compromising on cleanup.

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