Best All Round Metal Detector For Everything

An all-around metal detector that performs well across various types of detecting (coins, relics, jewelry, and sometimes gold prospecting) should possess certain features and capabilities. Here are a few models known for their versatility:

Minelab Equinox 800: Renowned for its adaptability, this detector offers multiple frequencies, excellent performance in different terrains, and various modes suitable for various types of detecting
Garrett AT Pro: A well-regarded all-terrain detector with waterproof capabilities, suitable for coins, relics, jewelry, and even gold prospecting.

Fisher F75: Known for its high sensitivity and ability to discriminate between different types of metals, making it versatile for relic hunting, coins, and gold prospecting
Nokta Makro Simplex: An affordable yet versatile option with waterproofing, multiple search modes, and good performance across different types of detecting.

XP Deus: A lightweight and wireless detector with customizable settings, suitable for various conditions and types of detecting.

Minelab Vanquish 540: Offers multiple search modes, discrimination, and waterproof coil, making it versatile for different detecting scenarios
These detectors provide a balance between features, performance, and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of detecting activities. When choosing the best all-around detector, consider factors like budget, terrain you'll explore, specific features you require, and any specialized detecting (like gold prospecting) you plan to do. Always read reviews and compare features to find the best fit for your needs.

Best All Round Metal Detector For Everything

Best metal detectors, as well as in depth, metal detector reviews from all the top brands of metal detectors. There is no one best metal detectors. There are a lot of different detection available in the market that each serve a different niche. There are also many less expensive metal detectors are available, but I find that they are lacking in features and most people get frustrated with the lack of jobs available soon or it can penetrate deep into the device. (Best Metal Detectors Consumer Reports).
Types of metal detectors

Beginner for this reason it is difficult to understand all the variety of devices on the market. In order to facilitate the selection process, should know the classification of metal detectors. This conditional rating is high, but for newcomers to the field of gold coin, can be very useful. Buy a metal detector from the cheapest price category is also not recommended in most cases, while these devices do not have anything to do with a metal detector, in addition to the name, and will not be able to find a small metal object.  (metal detectors ratings consumer reports).
Best All Round Metal Detector For Everything

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