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can be a hobby extremely frustrating for some, but if you use the metal detector as really a hobby, you will find the most enjoyable and addictive pastimes I’ve ever experienced. Metal detector reviews, buying guides, instruction manuals, product catalogs, videos, treasure and more. Find the best metal detector consumer review reports.
Best Metal Detectors Consumer Reports
Compare the best metal detectors for 2018. See up-to-date comparisons and comments and the prices of these top rated. Services in the practice tests that simulate a typical consumer experiences as possible.
Dedicated to providing detectorists from all levels, with the best metal detector manufacturers sites, metal detecting forums, consumer reports, Metal detector reviews by real people. Read what everyone uses, and why, knowing absolutely nothing about metal detectors, Best metal detector reviews offer you the best posts by metal detectors on the market from all major brands, best metal detector of comments.


Today I was surprised how much of a relatively new technology, which allows improved modification of metals using a cell phone. Although technology will be used at first in the military, it seems that this new discovery will bring about a great advance and in the field of Archeology and treasure detector. applied science have developed a new way to detect explosive mines buried in current or former war zones. The new system uses a software installed on Smartphones, connected to a conventional metal detector using an audio-video conversion that helps a better detection of signs.
Land mines remain among the most destructive wars of the 20th century remains, and recovering and defusing them is very difficult and risky, While the demining protocols have been improved substantially since the second world war, the technology used to locate buried mines has changed very little: those who find and identify mines all use metal detectors. On a battlefield strewn with scrap metal, differentiating lethal mines towards boxes of cans, wires and housings is time consuming and not precise.
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simple metal detector works by “Frequency beating .” It consists of two generators set of very close frequencies.
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