Description Meter EMF Metal Detector

An EMF (Electromagnetic Field) meter metal detector combines the functionality of both an EMF meter and a metal detector into a single device. This kind of detector is designed to detect and measure electromagnetic fields and locate metal objects simultaneously.

Here's a breakdown of its components and functionalities:

EMF Measurement Capability: These detectors are equipped with sensors to measure electromagnetic fields. They can detect fluctuations in these fields, which can be caused by various sources such as electrical wiring, electronic devices, or natural electromagnetic phenomena.
Metal Detection Functionality: Along with EMF measurement, these devices have the ability to detect metal objects. They use a coil and sensor system that interacts with the magnetic fields produced by metals to locate and identify them.

Display and Controls
: The device typically includes a display screen showing EMF levels and metal detection indicators. It also comes with controls to adjust sensitivity, EMF range, and other settings.
Audio and Visual Alerts: When the detector senses metal or variations in the electromagnetic field, it usually provides audible alerts such as beeps or tones, and visual indicators like LED lights or display changes.

Applications: EMF metal detectors can be used in various scenarios, including paranormal investigations where fluctuations in EMF levels are of interest, as well as in conventional metal detecting for locating buried or hidden metallic objects.
Turn your smartphone into a functional metal detector
These detectors are versatile tools that cater to both those interested in monitoring electromagnetic fields for different purposes and enthusiasts looking to detect and find metal objects. When considering such a device, it's important to review its specifications, sensitivity levels, and features to ensure it meets your specific needs, whether for professional use, hobbyist exploration, or paranormal investigation.
Metal Detector is an amazing tool that uses a magnetic sensor to find the metal surrounding you. Metal detectors can be used as EMF detector and EMF measure sensor. Metal detector nearby electromagnetic fields using the built-in magnetometer compass phone. Detector Electro magnetic field detector for metal detection and EMF reader detection. The level of the magnetic field (EMF) in nature is about 30 ~ 60μt (MICROTESLA) or 300 ~ 600 mg (easc) 1μt = 10mG. If There is any metal in the area, the strength of the magnetic field should increase.
The accuracy of the detector entirely depends on the sensor in the device. Please note that the magnetic sensor depends on the electronic equipment (TVs, computers, etc.) due to electromagnetic waves. You can find electrical wires in the walls (as a carnation seeker) and iron pipes in the ground. Turns your cell phone into a real metal detector making your friends and family jealous about the phone.

Metal detector allows you to identify any metal object in the area, as all metals generate a magnetic field, which force can be measured with this meter detector tool. Metal in the application can also be used as an EMF Meter.
Make sure you are not around your computer or TV or other electronic devices that can interfere with the readings of the magnetic sensor making the metal detector less powerful that it can be.

Using a metal detector is simple enough: run the detector application on a mobile device and move it around.

You will be cleary to see that the level of the magnetic field displayed on the screen is constantly changing. The colorful lines represent the three dimensions and the numbers at the top show the value of the magnetic field level (EMF). The chart will increase and the device will vibrate and emit sounds, declaring that the metal is close. You can also make custom settings change the vibration sensitivity and sound effects. Metal Sniffer is a portable metal detector.

How to use a metal detector:

* Click on the Start button

* A simple measuring device will start calculating the electrical attractive values of the fields around you

* The value of more than μ60 shows the proximity of the metal particles. Earth Scanner metal can be used as EMF Locator and EMF Senso

Capabilities of the metal detector:

Check if the piping is present outside the wall

* Alarm Level

* Simple Safety screening

* Beep

* Sound effect on/off

* Off in front of friends

* Design Material

* Make cool graphic diagrams of flow intensity.

* The best sensor and indicator.

Important! Not every smartphone model has a magnetic field sensor. If your mobile phone or device does not have one of the magnetic sensor, the application will not work. Unfortunately for this detector inconvenience. Metal reacts only metal gland.

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