12 best metal detectors

Certainly! Choosing the "best" metal detector often depends on individual preferences, budget, and specific needs. Here's a varied list of 12 highly regarded metal detectors across different categories and price ranges as of my last update:

Minelab Equinox 800: Versatile and suitable for various terrains, offering multiple frequencies and excellent performance.
Garrett AT Pro: All-terrain detector with waterproof capabilities, suitable for coins, relics, jewelry, and gold prospecting.

Fisher F75: Known for high sensitivity and discrimination features, ideal for relic hunting and gold prospecting.

Nokta Makro Simplex: Entry-level detector with waterproofing, multiple search modes, and affordability.
Minelab CTX 3030: Advanced detector with GPS, wireless audio, and discrimination capabilities for serious enthusiasts.

XP Deus: Lightweight and wireless with customizable settings, great performance across various conditions.

Teknetics T2 Classic: Offers excellent target separation and depth, suitable for relic hunting and coin shooting.
Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV: Budget-friendly option for beginners and casual hobbyists interested in basic metal detecting.

Fisher F22: Entry-level detector with weatherproofing, user-friendly design, and good sensitivity for beginners.

Garrett ACE 400: Easy to use with great target separation and depth, suitable for beginners and intermediate detectorists.
Makro Gold Kruzer: Designed specifically for gold prospecting, offering high frequency and sensitivity to small gold nuggets.

Whites Spectra V3i: Known for its advanced features, multiple search modes, and customization options, suitable for experienced users.

When selecting a metal detector, consider factors such as your budget, intended use (coins, relics, gold, etc.), the terrain you'll explore, and specific features you require. Always check recent reviews, compare features, and consider newer models that may have been released since my last update to ensure you find the best fit for your needs.
The best metal detectors we collected in this review. A metal detector is a very useful device. The amateur model will help you find old coins in an abandoned village. The device and the principle of the process; Classification and features; Rated the best metal detectors.
Uses of electromagnetic devices: Electromagnetic gold detectors fit a range of practical uses in metal detectors for a short depth. Choosing the most suitable metal detector without the help of experts will be a problem. How to choose a metal detector. Gold detector with different systems suitable for detecting and prospecting all underground targets of raw gold, archaeological treasures and historical tombs.
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Rated the best metal detectors, regardless of purpose, it is important to choose the best metal detector for this purpose, Metal detectors are electronic induction devices that allow you to detect metal objects in the ground, water, sand. Recently, many as a hobby are engaged in the search for gold coins and jewelry. The problem of choice when buying a device is that among the budget, unpaved, underwater, semi-professional and professional models it is difficult to single out the best metal detectors. A complete review of devices for finding metal, given in the article, will help both an experienced and a novice finder to purchase an inexpensive but functional device.

Top 5 - Best Metal Detectors (2022)