gold metal detectors consumer reports

Multifunctional metal detectors, with which enthusiastic diggers search for treasures and coins, are universal ground. They work effectively on any ground and with any metal. They are designed for a wide range of users with enough knowledge and experience behind their shoulders. Another thing - ground metal detectors of a narrow purpose. (Best Metal Detectors Consumer Reports).
A professional metal detector is a specialized device for work in a certain production and requires special knowledge in management and maintenance. But by the concept of "professional metal detector" or "professional level metal detector" ordinary users mean a metal detector to search for hoards of high performance and with great functionality, which will be very difficult for a beginner to deal with.  (metal detectors ratings consumer reports).
gold metal detectors consumer reports
Metal detector for gold - set only to search for gold nuggets, rarely supplemented by the function of finding silver. Absolutely useless for finding items from other metals. Therefore, it will be effective only in the territories where there are geophysical prerequisites for gold deposits.

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Mining and ore metal detectors - aimed at finding ore black and non-ferrous metals, react only to large deposits. Therefore, to search for coins and treasures of the same metals is completely unsuitable. In addition, the work can be carried out only on dense and mineralized soil, on rocky terrain.
Best Metal Detectors Consumer Reports
The underwater metal detector for divers is waterproof, with good sensitivity and multi-segment discrimination. But it has no adjustment on the ground and is practically useless on land. You can search for them, but the efficiency will be low.
When buying a metal detector to search for treasures should take into account that even the best metal detector for the pros with great functionality does not guarantee success and great extraction in the absence of certain knowledge, skills, diligence, patience and luck. The device only helps its owner and facilitates its work.

Choosing a professional metal detector, pay attention to eminent brands that have already proven themselves in the world market, consider the specialization of the brand and adaptation of models to Russian search terms, such as metal detectors Minelab with ground adjustment. Otherwise, the device will bring only problems instead of the desired result.