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Determining the "top 10" metal detectors can vary depending on individual needs, budget, and the specific use cases. However, considering overall performance, features, and popularity as of my last update in January 2022, here's a list of some highly regarded metal detectors across different categories:

Minelab Equinox 800: Known for its versatility, it performs well in various terrains and conditions, suitable for both beginners and experienced detectorists.
Garrett AT Pro: A waterproof, all-terrain detector suitable for coin, relic, jewelry, and gold hunting.

Fisher F75: Recognized for its high sensitivity and ability to discriminate between different types of metals, ideal for relic hunting and gold prospecting.

Nokta Makro Simplex: Considered a great entry-level detector with features like waterproofing, multiple search modes, and affordability.
Minelab CTX 3030: Known for its advanced features, including GPS, wireless audio, and discrimination capabilities, suitable for serious enthusiasts and professionals.

XP Deus: A lightweight, wireless detector offering customizable settings and excellent performance across various conditions.

Teknetics T2 Classic: Praised for its target separation and depth capabilities, suitable for relic hunting and coin shooting.
Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV: A budget-friendly option ideal for beginners and casual hobbyists interested in basic metal detecting.

Fisher F22: Another great entry-level detector with weatherproofing, easy usability, and good sensitivity for beginners.

Garrett ACE 400: Known for its excellent target separation, depth, and ease of use, making it suitable for beginners and intermediate detectorists.
Always consider factors such as your budget, intended use (whether for coins, relics, gold, etc.), terrain you'll be exploring, and any specific features you require before choosing a metal detector. Additionally, newer models might have been released since my last update, so checking recent reviews and comparisons can help you find the latest top performers in the market.
The top 10 gold detectors in 2022 require an excellently sensitive metal detector and ground balancing features to find it. If you're using a metal detector without these key performance features, you may not find gold just below your feet.

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Metal detectors are designed to find all metals. While finding the smallest nuggets, these detectors will also identify unwanted metals. Most of these units have the ability to adjust common unwanted iron and steel elements. Pulse induction detectors are not designed to filter unwanted items.

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