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So far I haven't talked about job seekers "treasures", i.e. those people that mining the evening or very early morning sands beaches, hoping to find, with the help of a metal detector typically less efficient, jewelry and other valuables were lost by tourists. Therefore, about two Romanians who "explores" the beaches, seeking "lost treasures" by visitors to entertain you beaches. So they came up with the idea to dig up after "treasures", and feverishly looking for sand rings lost tourists.
using metal detectors on beaches
When the Sun Orange allow easy in Mediterranean waters and the sand dances in the hot breath of the breeze, deserted beaches, make the appearance of the two "treasure-seekers." In fact, small souvenirs that the sand Reaver, who learned to watch them without embarrassment, and swallows it.

With hand-held metal detectors, Marian and Daniel listens for hours on end, undulating dunes voice after the whim of the wind, and breath "treasures" captive in their wombs. "It is said that the stone-topped make money dries up. You must survive the crisis When departing tourists, the beach, take me from one end, Ma at the other. With any luck, go home with the gold jewelry or silver lost in the sand. The sonar enters and old coins, which are more expensive Do not steal. Recover. The appliances I bought from the country when we have no service and I could no longer to remove. We have to maintain families.
Techniques in large treasures and searched the oceans

After hundreds of years of searching in vain, gold-seekers out, finally, to light the hidden wealth in turbulent history, When William Beebe and Otis Barton, two biologists at the New York Zoological Society, they need to descend to great depths, 1930 physicists were invited to participate in the project.
Therefore, the first "cabin submersible", connected with a hose, a floating platform from which to pump fresh air, as in the books of Jules Verne: there was a box of canned food, a meter and a half in diameter, oval Windows, as well as those of ships, in which they held two people, without having to move.

Engines and electric parts were on the surface, just a pump escape being mounted, and it was tied with a cord from the generator located on the surface of the water. With his help, the two biologists, who went into the deep to discover the sharks their second, they found a wreck on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

From sailing vessel, where it is suspected that there are coins of gold and silver, were not brought to the surface nothing.
The press, which he named "treasures from the deep Greyhound", and he speculated the discovery, Then they set up the first specialized companies, where physicists and engineers of the time began to build "crawled" wreck. was immediately "equipped" with a mechanical arm, which could be brought to the surface at least some of the objects found at depth.

Today, exploring wrecks is no longer a problem. Explorers can descend into the depths of the ocean and can "collect" any treasure. The recent discovery made by the crew on the Odyssey, that brought to the surface all that lies submerged on a Spanish pirate galeon, caused a huge scandal, precisely because international law has not met technical advances so significant.

Applicable laws for metal detectors.

using metal detectors on beaches
Metal detection by her definition, itself relates essentially to the search, on the one hand as a satisfying curiosity, and on the other side as an unmistakable definition definition and retrieval of human beings through the shadowed side of the sunset time.

Since ancient times, our ancestors have imprinted the passage through the ages, leaving footprints, preserved most of the times in the Earth and eternal, transforming the conservative and all that swallows us clearing its in our identity as civilization "even on this earth.

Thanks to science and passion to find, nowadays what hides the Earth is no longer an enigma. Also, finding lost objects in the Earth that would get them apart and make them lose a result is no longer a problem. Some of the objects (jewels) lost are "symbols" in our lives besides sentimental side that have a certain material value.
It is for this reason that there is treasure Seekers, fighters against oblivion, Metal detectors use diverse technologies with features and performance settings according to the goals for which they were created. In other words, there's a metal detector that would be good for all the targets, but there are 5 basic types of metal detectors:

hand-held metal detectors used for detection of coins, relics, treasures (a more general spectrum);

metal detectors for gold prospecting;

metal detectors and underwater detection for th beaches;

metal detectors for detection at great depths;

industrial metal detectors (for detection of pipes, cables, gas, etc.).
Most detectors are designed to provide the best results for a specific type of search (detection) but can be used for different targets but not to produce results as good as for the goals for which they were created. For example the best detector used for detecting nugget that is very sensitive to very small pieces of gold is very in prospecting auriferous don't behave as good looking coins because it detects every piece of scrap metal. Apparatus for detecting coins are not intended to refer to pieces as small as a grain of rice, and offer and provide a better rejection of iron compared to the other. Scientists design a metal detector is the art of a compromise. When certain particular features are emphasized, other features will be underrepresented. Any detector may not work equally well in all specific searches.

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